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Good design does more than just create something beautiful to take in with your eyes. Good design invites you to step into the story, evoking your senses, and elevating your experience.

We believe that each of us is uniquely created, intricately woven with various gifts and talents. We believe that each of us has a beautiful story to tell and we believe in taking the time to illustrate and celebrate the important details of your story.

A candle loses nothing

by lightening another candle,

but the world

shines a bit brighter.

We believe in exploring our gifts, in celebrating growth, in honing skills. We believe in stepping into the glory of our giftings and sharing them with the world.

We believe in collaboration and community. That together these things are an unstoppable force that drives us toward greatness. 

We believe in creating beauty and light.

Bring us a story to tell and let us bring it to life. 

Looking forward to creating with you.


Amber Lazar


Oscar Segel






Dani is the owner, creative director, and designer behind The Collective Company, where she puts her passion for creativity and design to work.

Dani specializes in taking something from the simple stage where it was only a thought or vague idea and breathing life into it, turning it into a vision then bringing it to fruition.

She is also passionate about creating space and opportunities for others to create and share their gifts freely. The belief that we were all knit together, perfectly unique with gifts and talents that others were meant to experience is one of Dani's core beliefs. She loves thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to allow people to share their gifts and talents, letting the joy of those gifts ignite a spark of passion and happiness in others. She also loves making normally ordinary things feel extraordinary.

Dani loves a good challenge and believes that there is no moment too small to celebrate. We are here to bring the celebrations of those special moments to life. Whether that's an intimate dinner party to celebrate friendships, a shower to celebrate new life, a celebration of launching your new business, celebrating the commitment of love, and everything in between, we are here to bring that celebration, no matter what it may be, to life. 

Dani LOVES people. She thrives in skipping the small talk and diving deep into who you are and what you love. She loves Jesus, dancing, and pina coladas. It isn't uncommon to find her peaking in windows to check out spaces and marveling at the design (or potential for it). 

Dani is from a small town but has a heart for the city and is always up for exploring new places and loves a good adventure. 

Above all else, Dani is passionate about loving and serving others well. She believes in living out her calling by pouring out her giftings to ensure that everything she does is done with incredible detail and integrity. She's passionate about making sure that your dreams become your reality. She believes in uncovering the beauty and letting it tell the story. You can be sure that she will go above and beyond to make every project, whether its a wedding, elopement, styled shoot, intimate dinner, shower, or workshop, an unforgettably beautiful event.


Often times little details can be skipped over or sacrificed because others don't deem them important enough, but we at The Collective Company feel that those little details are an extremely important part of the story. We love to use those little details to make big impact moments at our events, inviting family & friends to be transported into the story alongside you. 




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